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[VIDEO] Why Summer is the PERFECT Time to Take Music Lessons

Jim Keenan

April 18, 2017

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Summer Vacations = FREEDOM!

Summer vacation! Freedom! No school, no homework, and no exams. All of the friends and free time that you can handle. You can just smell that ocean air, the beach….   

Whoops, where was I? Oh yeah, summer vacation.  

It’s a welcome break from the routine. And, as part of that break, you may be tempted to hit the pause button on your music lessons and practicing.We totally get it. But what if summertime was the perfect way to reconnect with your love of music in a fun and relaxed way?

How you can have a great summer and still maintain, or even improve, on all of the musical growth you’ve made during the school year? 

Think about it. Unlike so many things that you have to do, music is something you get to do. Why? Because it’s fun. You love it. Maybe it’s your thing, an expression of who you are.

In the hustle bustle of the school year, when you’re stressed with everything that you have to get done, did music ever slip into one of those “have to do” categories? Maybe you didn’t even notice that it happened. Or, if you’re a parent of a musician, did the lesson or practicing ever feel like just one more thing to get done during the week?

It’s OK, it happens to everyone! 

But that’s why summertime... with the extra freedom and low pressure…. is THE perfect time to keep making music, growing and exploring with the guidance of your teacher in a fun, relaxed way. Teachers, parents and students all agree that when you continue lessons during the summer, you’ll have an easy transition back into the school year.

Instead of the frustration that can happen after a long break away from something, that feeling of starting over, you’re feeling recharged and ready to go!

And it’s all because you get to, not because you have to.

And isn’t that why you started in the first place?

Music Lessons for Kids

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