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Why It's Never Too Late to Start Playing an Instrument

Jim Keenan

May 20, 2016

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Learning how to play a musical instrument at any age can help to build perceptual, intellectual and cognitive skills.

Here's some great reasons why it is never too late to pick up that guitar or learn how to play the drums.

Assistant professor of music education Jennifer Bugos at the University of South Florida, Tampa, conducted a research on the impact of piano instructions on a set of respondents aged between 60 and 85. After a period of six months, the ones who had received piano lessons showed better verbal fluency, gain in memory, robust planning ability, increased speed in processing information and other advanced cognitive functions than the ones who didn’t receive piano lessons.

Music Can Relieve Stress and Tension

There has been a lot of research proving that learning to play an instrument later in life works as a great stress reliever. It boosts our physical and emotional health, which are two of the most important things we need to lead a healthy life. Playing an instrument offers adults an escape from all the responsibilities holding them back by switching off their body’s stress response.

Playing an Instrument Requires True Motivation

As kids, many take music classes or learn to play a piano or cello because their parents force them to. But as an adult there is no forcing. If one wishes to learn a musical instrument, it is their true motivation that drives them. When you are truly motivated to play an instrument, you will enjoy playing it a lot more than if you were forced into playing an instrument by someone else.

Sharpens Your Concentration

Since playing any instrument requires a lot of hand and eye coordination, many medical experts believe it sharpens one’s focus and concentration. To follow the right notes, play the right rhythm and set a suitable pitch, one needs to have a focused mind.

Cultivates a Sense of Achievement

Another reason why it's never too late to learn how to play an instrument is because learning and mastering the art of playing allows us to feel a sense of achievement and it becomes a rewarding experience full of many wonderful benefits.


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