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Summer music camp rock band

RealJams Academy Advanced Program: Falling Back by Zero Degrees Calvin

April Holland

June 10, 2018

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This post is part of a new series, RealJams Academy Featured Band of the Week, highlighting students and bands from previous summer sessions. 

This week's featured band is Zero Degrees Calvin performing Falling Back, featuring:

Guitar: Paul (16), Keys: Matias (15), Bass: Calvin (14), Guitar: Josh (14):  Vocals: Kalima (15) and Alex (14), Drums: Pat (12).

The band's story

Zero Degrees Calvin is a pop-punk/punk-rock band comprised of RealJams veterans who were thrilled to get the chance to work together this year in the accelerated two-week Advanced program. Bassist Calvin liked that he got to express his “true bass style.” Despite some challenges faced early in the week - the band originally started in a different direction, but found they had to start over -Zero Degrees Calvin was able to create unique pieces that showcased their exquisite talent. Their EP includes three main songs: Falling Back, Unimportant, and I Don’t Care. Falling Back, the band’s first song, is a pop-punk song about metaphorically falling through a crack.

The second song, Unimportant, is a step into the direction of funk, and talks about a “bad person,” as characterized by Alex. I Don’t Care, the third song, is a rock song about “not giving a bother, because you’re a free spirit,” according to Calvin. Pat, the band’s drummer (whom the rest of the band has deemed “the most adorable drummer ever”) describes Zero Degrees Calvin as, “We like making noises out of instruments that sound good.”


About the RealJams Academy Advanced Program

The Advanced program takes the RealJams experience you’ve come to know and love to the next level!

What to Expect

Students are placed into bands according to their skill level and musical interest. Once placed, they will be off and running on a 2-week creative journey writing their own original music and preparing to record at Q Division, one of New England’s top studios in Somerville, MA. It’s here where they will record the 3 songs they’ve been working on and experience a world-class recording studio with a 28-year history at the center of the Boston’s music scene.

Two consecutive days ensures the highest possible quality recordings. Students will also shoot a music video that consists of live stage shots as well as conceptual ideas related to the lyrics and themes of their songs.

Student life

Students will also participate in 2-3 offsite field trips where they are bused to the music industry’s top local facilities. Past field trips include: Berklee College of Muisc, Zildjian, Fishman, UMass Lowell, and Mix 104.1 — all places where students can learn about the industry in real world practice and prepare for college and beyond.

Music education

Throughout both weeks, students will attend instrumental labs led by experts. This class is an instrument proficiency group class where students will learn essential techniques specific to their instrument. All lab classes are designed to be “hands on” and high energy. The advanced program also includes 5 seminars — each focusing on specific areas vital to being a successful musician.

School break week activities

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