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Summer music camp rock band Burlington MA

RealJams Academy Band of the Week: Breaking the Rulez by Naughty Nostrils

April Holland

July 2, 2018

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This post is part of the RealJams Academy Featured Band of the Week, highlighting students and bands from the area's premier summer music program! 

Breaking the Rulez by Naughty Nostrils featuring: 

Guitar: Aki (8, Keys/Backing Vocals: Arran (8),  Drums: Flannery (10), Vocals: Joe (10) 

The story

We are loud and proud! We like each other but for some reason we tend to argue and require adult mediation. We have a hard time keeping our hands to ourselves but we're a sick band so Chris overlooks it.

Flannery wants to either be a pro drummer or a pilot when he grows up. Arran wants to be an electronic game creator. Joe wants to be a sniper! Aki wants to be a lead guitarist with shredding solos!

About RealJams Academy

RealJams Academy is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that gives students total access to our recording studio, lesson rooms, and performance space — all under the expert guidance of Real School instructors. Students form a band, write original music, take lessons, create a music video, and so much more!

And to cap it all off, students step on the Real Room stage to perform original music LIVE for all friends and family! Spend this summer with others that share the same passion, while studying with some of New England's most talented musicians. RealJams gives each student the tools and skills to succeed within a band or group setting, as well as an individual musician. Students leave with band mates, friends, guidance, and a summer to remember!

School break week activities

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