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LIVE @ THE BURREN: RealJams Academy Advanced 2017 Session 1

Jim Keenan

August 2, 2017

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Four outstanding bands with rising star Real Schoolers took the stage at The Burren on Saturday, July 22, 2017, capping off a two-week immersive summer music experience with RealJams Academy's Advanced program. 

Ensemble rehearsals, writing original music, and creating a music video are the core elements of the standard week-long RealJams program. In addition to this curriculum, highlights from the expanded two-week Advanced schedule included: 

  • Special advanced seminars in musicianship, theory, ear training, technical studies, digital recording, and stage presence.
  • Tours and seminars at the internationally-known music manufacturer Fishmanradio station 104.5 WXLO, and Berklee College of Music.
  • Two days of recording at Q Division Studios

Here is the line up of bands, musicians, and song titles from the July 22, 2017 performance of RealJams Advanced at The Burren:

Straight to Redemption
Featuring: Tom (Drums,17), Henry (Bass, 15), Ashley (Guitar, 14), Nick (Piano, 17), Jenny (Voice, 17)
1. Back of You
2. Enigma
3. First Class to Nowhere

Last Ride
Featuring: Pat (Drums, 15), Cameron (Bass, 17), James (Guitar, 17), Hugh (Guitar, 13), Julia (Piano, 17), Emily (Voice, 16).
1. Fingers Crossed
2. Voy a Verás
3. For Me?

Featuring: Eddy (Drums, 15), David (Bass, 13), John (Guitar, 16), Tyler (Guitar, 17), Mike (Guitar, 17), Enzo (Guitar and Voice, 16)
1. Dead to Me
2. Pure Extinction
3. A Work of Fiction

Featuring: Tommy (Drums, 17), Calvin (Bass, 17), Hannah (Guitar, 18), Elizabeth (Guitar and Voice,17), Gillian (Piano, 17)
1. Breakdown
2. No Sleep
3. I'm Sorry

Summer 2017 features two Advanced sessions, with the second program running the weeks of August 7 - 18 at The Real School of Music in Burlington, MA. Special thanks for a great week to RealJams Director Bill Doss, instructors James Towlson and Chris McKenney, and video producer Nick Blanchette.

RealJams Summer Music Program

About RealJams Academy

We believe that each student is unique. We believe that each student can unleash their inner musician with the support of a proven curriculum, expert instructors, and a supportive environment. Each musician can create and perform original music with others... and have a blast doing it!


We also believe in the power of collaboration, in creating something great together. But, you need the right vehicle to make it happen. That's where RealJams Academy comes in. 

After quickly establishing itself as the region's premier summer music program with its launch in 2009-2010, RealJams Academy has grown into what is now the nation's most remarkable summer experience for young musicians with a focus on contemporary music education. 

Featuring week-long programs for ages 6 to 18, RealJams spans the full spectrum, from rock and pop bands, to a cappella, musical theater, and audio production. 

Carefully grouped by age, instrumentation, and ability levels, students are immersed in the music they love. Under the guidance of expert music industry professionals and instructors, students join a group, write and record original music together, shoot a video, and perform live... all in one week. 

Thousands of students together with parents, alumi, and instructors all agree that RealJams is much more than a summer music program. It's about students finding out what they're truly capable of, developing friendships, having fun, and creating something with others that's bigger than themselves.

About RealJams Academy Advanced

When students are ready to take it to the next level, RealJams Advanced is where they need to be. A two-week program for ages 14 through 18, it includes everything you'll find in the week-long program, plus recording in a world-class studio, touring music colleges and music industry businesses, and performing at the area’s top venues. Advanced seminars in musicianship, theory, ear training, technical studies, digital recording, and stage presence all come together for an unparalleled experience. 

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