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Real School Student and Singer Songwriter Chris Ruediger Discusses Debut Single and Future Plans

Lindsay Kelloway

March 27, 2017

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Real School student Chris Ruediger has been busy over the past few months and is making the most of his senior year. Read on to learn more about the talented singer songwriter's plans for the future. 

Real School student Chirs Ruediger has been hard at work writing, recording, and releasing his debut single, Summertime Story.  He's balancing a busy performance schedule with the demands of being in his senior year at Concord Carlisle High School (MA). We caught up with Chris recently after we spoke last summer to chat about his most recent activities and what the future holds as he prepares to attend Vanderbilt University this fall.

Last August, we talked about your experience at Real School, performing at local venues, and your musical background. How have things changed musically for you since then?

Chris: I have tried to push forward and take my music career to the next level over the past year. I still continue to play at open mics, local restaurants, etc., but have begun to take on more venues and bigger gigs. Some new venues include Faneuil Hall, British Beer Company, and Hard Rock Cafe. Additionally, I have begun to write more original music and hope to continue working on some projects in the recording studio.

It’s great that you’re setting larger goals for yourself musically. And speaking of projects in the recording studio, you recently recorded your debut single, Summertime Story, at The Bridge Sound and Stage in Cambridge, MA. What was the process like?


Chris: I had a fantastic experience recording my debut single, Summertime Story, at The Bridge Sound and Stage under audio engineer Alex Allison. It was an incredibly collaborative process. I learned a lot about what goes into the production of a song and how important it is to take input from everyone. I would like to thank Jonathan Ulman (drums), Matthew Girard (bass), Ben Naddaff-Haffrey (lead guitar), The Arcitype (piano), and everyone else involved with the project.

Sounds like quite the learning opportunity! What makes this version different from the version that you recorded for your EP?

Chris: I recorded a DEMO version of the song Summertime Story and wanted to see the reaction from family, friends, and fans before deciding to record it as my debut single. I really liked the song initially, however, after listening to it for several months I realized I wanted to make some changes. It was a blast working with top tier musicians in the New England region and I am really pleased with the single. It definitely differs from the Demo version, but still maintains many of its original aspects.

Summertime Story has been released via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and iHeartRADIO. Congratulations!

Chris: Thank you very much. It has been an incredible couple months for me with the production and release of the song and I am excited to make my original music available to my fans. Feel free to check out the song on iTunes. 

You’ll be graduating high school soon, what’s next?!

Chris: I will be attending Vanderbilt University in August and can’t wait to learn more about the music business in Nashville. I plan to release an EP in late spring/early summer, so stay tuned for that. There are some other projects I am involved with that I can’t wait to reveal shortly. I will also have many gigs in the greater Boston, Cape Cod, and New England area throughout the next couple months!

What would you recommend to other young musicians who are looking to follow a similar path as you?

HardRockphoto.jpgChris: Try to write as often as you can and be open to working with many people. Take all the opportunities that are afforded to you. The music industry is filled with great artists who are willing to collaborate. While practice makes perfect, there is nothing as important as live performance to help you hone your craft and refine your sound.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Chris: I would like to thank the Real School of Music and my instructor, James Towlson, for being so supportive throughout my musical career. It is been a pleasure working with James and he has helped me tremendously grow as an artist! Thank you!  

Best of luck as you finish high school and move onto college! How can people connect with you and follow your career? 

Chris: Thanks! Please check out my website and find me on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube 

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