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Real School Alumni Maddy Roop Featured As March Open Mic Artist

Lindsay Kelloway

March 2, 2017

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Maddy Roop, Real School alumni and multi-instrumentalist, is the featured artist at the March 19, 2017 Open Mic in Burlington! Maddy has been with Real School for six years, taking lessons, participating in the RealJams Academy and RealJams Ensemble programs, and performing at off-site events.

Maddyone.pngMaddy reflected on her experience at Real School with much appreciation, expressing, “All of the teachers have been such great mentors and I’m so lucky to have studied with so many amazing, accomplished musicians.”

Maddy has taken lessons from a wide range of Real School instructors and instruments over the past 6 years. She studied voice with Vykki Vox, James Towlson, Lydia Harrell, and Leanne Greenman. Maddy also studied guitar with Chris McKenney and Dave Hinckley, recording with Chad Maggs, harmony and theory with Josh Rajman, and songwriting with Rich Podgur. Maddy was a member of four ensembles as a part of the RealJams Ensemble program, and in addition to being a member of RealJams Academy, she was also an intern with the program for four years.  

Participating in RealJams Academy was quite the influential experience for Maddy as well. She commented, “My experience being a
part of the RealJams Academy programs was life changing. I would not be the person I am today without the support of many amazing teachers and peers who were also a part of the programs. It was also incredible being able to work as an employee and inspire and bring the RealJams experience to so many kids.”

Maddy has recently returned to Real School to take guitar lessons with instructor and Director or Curriculum Erik Ringstad. 

Join host Leighann Hodgkins and our March Open Mic featured artisit Maddy Roop on Sunday, March 19th from 4:00-6:30pm for this special event. Check out our Facebook page or the See Whats Up  page for more details!

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