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Top 10 Reasons why Yamaha Music Classes Are a Great Way to Start

Leighann Hodgkins

June 28, 2018

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If you have a child between the ages of 3 and 7 AND you’re looking for the perfect way to start music lessons, here are our top 10 reasons why we believe Yamaha group music classes are the perfect way to start.

#1. It’s fun!

Children enjoy interacting and learning from each other. They also love sharing this time with their parent in a wonderful learning environment.

#2. It’s an hour a week

Because each lesson includes a variety of activities, children are able to learn for an entire hour rather than just the typical 30 minutes you’d have in a private lesson.

Kid_-_Yamaha_-_Hero_Applause#3. Ear training

Children become excellent listeners, performers, and creators of music because of group singing, solfege training, music appreciation and keyboard playing.


#4. Group learning

Group learning helps to establish a strong sense of pulse through rhythmic body movement, group singing and keyboard playing. A good sense of rhythm is essential to musical success.

#5. Confidence

Kids perform with and for the group and learn the joy of accomplishment. They carry this sense of poise into other settings. 6. Creating music. With Yamaha’s unique approach, kids naturally begin to create their own music. They hear and reproduce melodies and learn to listen for harmonies. This is the basis for improvisation and composition. Don’t be surprised if you notice your child imitating the music they hear all around them!

#7. Accountability

The group pace strongly encourages students to develop good practice routines. Progress is usually more consistent in a group setting than in a private lesson.

Kid_-_Yamaha_-_Hero_Everly#8. Amazing teachers

Your teacher is trained in group teaching techniques. Activities that may seem boring in a private setting are super fun in a group. The skills kids develop in the group class helps to prepare them for future success in choir, band, or orchestra.


#9. Ensemble performance

Children love the combination of orchestral sounds and rhythms. It challenges them to play their own parts correctly while listening to the musical whole.

#10. Yamaha methods and materials

The materials are age appropriate, working with the strongest skills and learning style of each age. Kids succeed because the curriculum is based on their developmental stage and interests.

So those are our top 10 reasons why we believe Yamaha classes are the perfect way to start your child in music. Fill out the form on this page to learn more and get started today! 

Yamaha Music Classes

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