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Membership Perks at The Real School of music

Maddy Roop

January 19, 2021

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Membership Video

Maddy from The Real School of Music talks shares why Real School is so much more than music lessons. Below are the membership perks you may not know you have...or may be missing out on!

#1 - You've joined an arts community! Our students join bands, write and record their own original music, and they play live shows. THIS is a living breathing music education and performing arts community. 

#2 - Expert & Quality Instruction: The CORE of your Real School experience is going to be a weekly lesson with one of the areas best instructors. [Take it from Maddy, she's an alum herself!] Our instructors have attended some of the worlds best colleges and conservatories, they're actively recording and performing in some of the area's best bands and orchestras, and they're fun and creative! They come from all over the world, they all have different musical backgrounds, but they're joined here at Real School because they have this love of teaching music. 

#3 - Play with others! Our students also have the opportunity to join a professional coached ensemble, band, or a musical theater production. And this is where it all comes together! Being part of our RealJams Ensemble program is so important that we went the extra mile. We made it accessible and affordable [it's only $10/week if you take lessons!]. In fact, when you combine a 30-minute lesson with an hour ensemble, you're getting 90 minutes of expert instruction per week for less than $55! 

#4 - Access to our campus: You'll also have access to our state-of-the-art lesson rooms that are fully equipped and ready for your practicing needs and you'll have access to The Real Room performance space for all of your performing needs at no additional cost.

#5 - Flexible Policies & Priority Service - We have a flexible and generous approach to lesson makeups to accommodate for busy families and you're the first in line to keep your schedule for lessons during our special priority enrollment times.

#6 - Performance Opportunities: You'll have plenty of performance opportunities like our showcase events and our open mic nights, which you can share with your family and friends because we livestream all of our events.

#7 - Inspirational learning: We have exclusive master classes with some of the leading industry professionals like Greg Hawkes and David Robinson of The Cars, Jeff Coffin and Rashon Ross of Dave Matthews Band, Gail Ann Dorsey who played bass with David Bowie, Matt Sallee from Pentatonix.

#8 - So much more! To top it off, we have flexible payment options, multiple discounts, and special pricing for military families. You'll even get access to free VIP concert tickets through our friends at Live Nation, and exclusive discounts on instruments, accessories and supplies from our retail partners like D'Addario, Yamaha, Kohala, and Fishman.

#8 - And what we don't have? We make it easy for Members to take advantage of all there is to offer — but you're never going to see mystery service charges, pay to play recitals, or registration fees. 

Take it from Maddy, "For me, Real School was the absolute best most fun and rewarding musical learning experience I could have ever asked for." and now that she's joined the team, she shares the promise that we will help make this your experience too! 

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