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Injury Prevention for Musicians - Part 2

Heather Luhn

February 25, 2019

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We are back with part 2 of our Injury Prevention Series for musicians. In this video, Maddy gives us some great tips and exercises to help with maintaining good posture while playing your instrument. Watch carefully and follow her instructions. You may pick up some new tips and maybe even realize some bad habits that you have developed!

For musicians and athletes alike, posture is incredibly important. Maintaining a strong posture will not only help you play more comfortably, but will also help prevent injury.

Consider incorporating some of these exercises into your regular practice routine.

Exercise #1                   

 IP Exercise 1

Let's warm up using a wall! Stand against the wall, bend your knees, and walk your feet forward about 6 inches. Keeping your lower back, shoulder blades, and back of your head against the wall. Tuck your chin. This will look like a wall sit, but no need to go down to a 90 degree angle unless you really want to feel the burn!

In this position, practice bringing your instrument to you several times and even try warming up here. Once you've had a chance to warm up, slowly stand up and walk away from the wall. Try to maintain that same straight line from your tailbone to your head.

                                                                                                         Exercise #2     IP Exercise 2

Practice your instrument in a half-squat. That is, a slight bend at the waist and knee. Make sure your knees stay over your heels and your behind is sticking out. Playing in this position will strengthen your lower back and promote a straight alignment from your lower back to your head.

Once you've done a little playing in this position, slowly stand up and maintain that straight line.

Exercise #3

IP Exercise 3

Stand in front of a mirror when you practice! Notice how you hold your body when you're not playing your instrument and compare it to when you are playing. Are your feet shifting? Do you twist at the waist? Are your shoulders squeezing? Do you bring your head forward or down toward your instrument?

It is important that you bring your instrument to you and not morph your body to your instrument. If you're having trouble, ask your teacher for help!

Work on these exercises and we'll be back soon with more tips to share!

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