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Injury Prevention for Musicians - Part 1

Dani Fortner

February 11, 2019

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Join us in part 1 of our Injury Prevention Series. In this video, Maddy walks us through some great shoulder exercises to try before playing an instrument. Watch carefully and follow her instructions to avoid any physical injuries that will hinder your playing!

We all know that injuries can sideline athletes, but did you also know that injuries can take musicians out of the game?

Just like athletes, musicians need to warm up our muscles  to maintain proper alignment. Keep yourself from getting injured and try these simple shoulder exercises from our very own Real School instructors to support your body next time you pull out your instrument. 

These four simple shoulder warm-ups only take 5-10 minutes. Use light weights, but if you don't have any weights in your house, pick up a can of soup or a jar of jam and you'll get the same effect.

IP - warmup 1Warm-up #1

To start, hold the weights at your side and lift slowly, straight in front of you. You can repeat this motion slowly for 10 repetitions or choose to hold the weights at eye level for a count of 10.

Warm-up #2     IP - warmup 2

Do this same motion starting at your side and raising the weights behind you with a slight bend in your knees and a small forward bend at the waist for a slow repetition or count of 10.

Warm-up #3

Next, one arm at a time, slow arm circles will warm up the entire rotation of your shoulder. Do 10 circles in each direction for each arm                               

                                     IP - warmup 3  

Warm-up #4IP - warmup 4

Lastly, hold the weights at ear level creating a 90 degree angle with both of your arms and lift your arms straight above your head. Then slowly lower back down to ear level. Do this 10 times.

Did you get the common thread with all of these exercises? Slow is the key! Don't rush through these important warm-ups.

Whether you're a musician or an athlete, be aware of the signs your body is giving you. Putting more time into warming up your body will pay off in the long run.

If you're feeling tension, pain, or aching when playing talk to your instructor or other professional to help assess and address the problem.

Tune in next time for more tips on how to stay healthy on and offstage! Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 coming up soon!

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