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How to choose the right music school

Your Ultimate Music School Checklist - Part 2

April Holland

October 1, 2018

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Choosing the right music school IS a big deal. After all, it could have a major impact on you or your child’s future, so you want to make a good decision!

As you can probably guess, not all music schools are created equal. You’re looking for a place that offers a high quality education experience, but that should be a given.  

Continuing on from where we left off in part 1, here are five more questions you can ask to help you figure out whether or not a music school is the perfect fit:

6. What is the tuition? 

Tuition is a big consideration, and it can be all over the map. So put on your researcher's cap and start comparing the prices of various schools.

As you look into the different tuition costs, make sure you look beyond just the cost of an individual lesson. Some schools have a lot of extra fees, like registration fees, extra fees for payment plans, or pay to play recitals.

7. Do students get to interact and play with each other? 

One HUGE motivation for students to practice and grow is getting to play with others. There’s simply nothing like getting to collaborate with other young musicians and make music together.

Do they offer a variety of ensembles, such as a cappella groups, rock and pop bands? Do they encourage students to play together? A great music school is one with a thriving ensemble program for all ages and ability levels.  

8. What instruments are offered?

A truly awesome music school will have something for almost everyone. What if a sibling wants to take music lessons, but wants to learn a different instrument? Can the school accommodate this? Or what if you want to change your instrument and try something new?

9. What styles of music are taught?

There are so many different genres! Classical, jazz, rock, pop..  I could go on and on. You want a school that reflects a wide range of stylistic diversity in it’s faculty.

If a school teaches just one kind of music, the scope of your education may limited. But if a school teaches a wide variety of musical styles, the opportunities and knowledge will be broad.

And finally, number 10: Do I think this school will be a good fit for me?

Last but not least, is the school the best fit for you on a personal level. It should be a place where you’re absolutely comfortable. Where you feel like you’re number 1!

Deciding on the best music school is important. But if you use these ten questions as part of your ultimate checklist, you’re sure to find the perfect school.


Oh, I almost forgot. Got a bonus one for you… what happens over the summer? Is it a ghost town or does it become busier than ever with special programs and camps? Even if you’re not sure if you’ll want to join a summer program, at least know what your options are!

Thanks for watching! 

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