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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Beginner Musician

Jim Keenan

November 29, 2016

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Are you looking for an affordable holiday gift for the beginner musician, but not sure where to start? Avoid the mistake of purchasing a low quality or incorrectly sized instrument that's destined to collect dust in a corner. 

Check out our list of recommendations to help get your budding musician off to a great start, and why it's important to sign up for lessons at the same time (or before) you buy. 

A New Instrument, But No Lessons? 

"I bought my daughter a guitar for Christmas last year, but she never plays it." How often have you heard this? Many people purchase an instrument for themselves or their kids with the best of intentions. But before you buy, consider finding a high quality music school and signing up for lessons. Without the guidance of a quality teacher to go along with the instrument, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

A new instrument without lessons is a bit like getting a new snowboard under the tree with no trips to Colorado, Utah, or Vermont on the schedule. You may try it out and play around a bit, but learning to really play and enjoy the instrument is likely to fall into the ‘maybe someday' category. 

Your Instructor Can Help

Your new instructor can act as a consultant to help guide your purchase. There are some low-quality products on the market (be especially leery of the ones in the toy section). However, with proper guidance, you can find a good beginning instrument at an affordable price.

If you purchase a low-quality instrument with a poor or improper set-up, or one that it not age appropriate, then you'll be compromising your child’s chance for success.

Now that we understand the importance of music lessons and a great instructor as part of the purchasing decision, let's look at a few options for beginners. 

Starter Packs for Guitar

Yamaha Gigmaker Electric Guitar .jpg

Yamaha GigMaker EG Electric Guitar Pack 

The Yamaha PAC012 Pacifica guitar is a great value electric guitar with outstanding playability at an unbelievable price. Includes a 2-channel, 15-watt amp, protective gig bag, and a wide assortment of accessories.



Gigmaker Acoustic Guitar .jpg

Yamaha GigMaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Pack 

If you're looking to begin with an acoustic guitar, this package features a FD01S acoustic guitar with chrome tuners and a solid spruce top for singing resonance and sustain. Includes gig bag, digital tuner, strap, extra strings, and an instructional DVD to get you off to a running start.



Beginner Keyboards

The Yamaha PSR-E453 is a 61-key touch response keyboard that is ideal as a starter instrument but is also a good alternative forYamaha YPT .jpg more experienced players who seek advanced features.

Quick tip: be sure to pick up the BB1 bench, L3C keyboard stand, and power supply. You'll be glad you did! 


For the Singer - Songwriter

The Shure SM58 mic is world-renowned for its distinctive upper-midrange presence peak that ensures an intelligible, lively sound. 

Quick tip: don't forget to include a Quik Lok mic stand (AMS-A-346BKAM) and a D’Addario 25’ custom series cord. Add a Fishman Loudbox Mini to complete your set up (see below). 


thr10_z_0002_20161128035921925.jpgThe Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp packs in everything you need from an off-stage amp. Real tube amp tone and dynamics, great sound at low volume, genuine hi-fi quality stereo playback and full recording capabilities.



The 60-watt acoustic Fishman Loudbox Mini amp is a great option for a live show or a mini practice PA. 

Fishman Loudbox Mini.jpeg




Drum Sets

Yamaha Gig Maker Drums.jpgYamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Set

The Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Set is the perfect solution for beginning or intermediate drummers who want the quality of a Yamaha drum kit, without the hefty price tag.



Yamaha Electric Kit .jpgDTX450K Electronic Drum Set 

The DTX400 series electronic drums bring Yamaha quality and technology to a new level of affordability. The DTX450K is powered by the DTX400 module that features 169 professional acoustic drum and percussion sounds with Accent Articulation for dynamic expression.




Just For Fun 

Korg Cliphit.jpegKorg ClipHit

This electronic module capitalizes on an otherwise irritating fact: Drummers notoriously treat everything like their personal kit. Attach this device's clips to any surface—a desk, a shoe, a magazine, whatever—and the Korg ClipHit converts it into a snare, hi-hat or kick.


Pick Punch

Never buy another guitar pick again with this device. This little hole-punch carves guitar picks out of any plastic of the appropriate thickness, whether it's used Starbucks cards, your junior driver's license or an old bottle cap. 


We Can Help! 

Ready to set up your lessons and try out these instruments? Call us today at 888-881-REAL or stop by one of our locations in Andover, Burlington, or Dedham, MA. 

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