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Helping your child with music lessons

Has Your Child Lost Their Enthusiasm for Music?

Leighann Hodgkins

May 23, 2018

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Has your child lost their enthusiasm for music lessons? They were SO excited when you first started, but recently you’ve noticed that they don’t seem as into it. And now you’re wondering… is there something you and your teacher can do to reignite the spark?

Although it’s difficult to see the initial excitement wear off, OR to see your music maker loose interest, it’s totally normal. The good news is that it’s almost always temporary and you’re only a few tweaks away from a fresh start.

Here’s 4 quick and easy ideas to try!

#1. Take a couple days off

If you’re in the groove of practicing 5 to 6 days a week, try taking a couple days off. Maybe they’re bored of the routine or stressing about things happening at school… either socially or academically. Sometimes taking a breather for a couple days away from the instrument is just what’s needed. This will help them to come back with a fresh perspective, and they’ll probably even start to miss it!

Over scheduled kids #2. Rearrange the schedule

Some kids thrive on routine, others do better mixing things up. If you normally practice right after school, try changing it up by practicing after dinner or homework. You can look into changing up the lesson time, too. If you’re taking lessons during a busy part of your week, look for other times where there’s more space in your schedule.

#3. Work from a new angle

It’s normal for kids to get frustrated by a challenging or technically demanding piece, where they think they’re not progressing quickly enough. “Last week I was starting to get it, but this week feels like I’m starting all over again!" You probably want to encourage them to just keep at it and work through it, knowing that it’s just a temporary hurdle. But how about getting getting creative and mixing it up? 

For example, if they’re struggling with their technique on an uptempo song, go back to a piece they’ve already mastered and focus on improving it in a new way.

Maybe this new focus is on exaggerating the differences in the dynamics, or on producing a smoother line. Finding a quick win by improving a piece they already feel confident about is a creative way to work from a new angle.

Look for things that aren’t on the practice sheet this week… songs you’ve already worked on can always be revisited!

Happy music lessons#4. Watch and listen to inspiring artists

One of the best ways to regain a real excitement is to watch and listen to inspiring artists. It can be a recording of the same piece that they’re working on, or something totally different.


Start by looking up videos of world-class soloists, but remember that nothing beats the excitement of a live concert!

So hey… it’s normal to lose the spark from time to time. But when you take a breather, rearrange the schedule, work from a new angle, and listen to top artists, you’ll get your mojo back in no time! 


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