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Video Lesson: Basic Drum Rock Groove 1 

Evan Gianoulis

April 5, 2018

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We're excited to introduce a new series and featured instructor to our line up of instructional videos! Real School Burlington drums instructor Evan Gianoulis kicks off a series of four basic rock groove videos. This is video #1. 

Be sure to stay tuned in until the end to see Evan take these introductory concepts to a new level with a mini-jam! 

Today we're going to  be breaking down a basic 8th-note rock groove in 4 easy steps: 

Step 1: The first thing that we do in any of these grooves is we're going to be playing our hi-hat. Our high-hat it's going to play straight eighth notes through the whole measure.

Hi Hat

Step 2: For the next step, we're going to add the snare drum. The snare drum is going to be played on beats two and beats four.


Step 3: The bass drum is gonna be played on beats 1, 3, and the and of three. And then we put it all together.

Bass drum

Thank you for watching and stay tune for the next video where we expand on this concept!


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