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Video Lesson: Basic Drum Rock Groove, Part 2

Evan Gianoulis

May 9, 2018

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This is the second video of a four-part instructional series featuring drum instructor Evan Gianoulis

Evan is truly one of the hardest working and in-demand instructors around. In addition to teaching his thriving private lesson studio (that is bursting at the seams... with a wait list), Evan coaches bands in the ensemble program and in Real School's innovative summer music program, RealJams Academy

Be sure to stay tuned in until the end to see Evan take these introductory concepts to a new level with a mini-jam! 

Today we're going to expand on the concepts from the previous lesson, where we learned how to play a basic 8th-note rock groove.

Today we're going to add a sixteenth-note on the 'ah' of two and the 'ah' of four. The difference between this groove and the last groove is that the snare now plays four times in the measure instead of only two. 

To practice this, break the groove in the two halves:

1. play the first bass drum on beat one with each snare.

2. then, play the two bass drums on three as their own separate groove.

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for the next edition to this groove!

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