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Education Video Series: Creating a Keyboard part for Greenday

Jim Zaroulis

August 17, 2017

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The video is part of our Education Series, providing tips and advice to musicians, educators, and students. 

You have a band with a keyboard player, but you're performing a song that doesn't have a keyboard part in the original version. Is it break time for the keyboardist? It doesn't have to be! In fact, when you follow the advice in this video, the original songwriters may think, "it's even better with a keyboard part." 

This is the third video in a series of tutorials on how to create a keyboard part for a song that doesn't have keyboards in the original version. In this installment, lead piano instructor Jim Zaroulis uses the tune When I Come Around, by Greenday. Jim teaches piano lessons and directs ensembles in Andover. 

Jim uses the Hammond B3 sound to support the original guitar part, and a sustaining overlay 'ceiling' to tie it all together.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make the keyboard an essential part of the ensemble...  even when there was no keyboard part in the original song.

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