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Education Video Series: How To Dial In a Clean Sound for Your Guitar Amp

James Towlson

July 12, 2017

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The video is part of our Education Series, providing tips and advice to musicians, educators, and students. 

Are you wondering how to get that 'clean' sound out of your guitar amp? Some beginning guitar students think that it's best to turn your EQ dials all the way up, but that's the last thing you want to do. Real School instructor James Towlson created this tutorial on how to dial in a clean tone in a few quick steps.

First, start off by turning your EQ nobs all the way down (on most amps, this is treble, mid range, and bass). Next, set the EQ nobs at 5. This will be your base setting to work from. 

In this example, the sound is a little too bright with all of the settings at 5. To make an adjustment, dial the treble back from 5 to 3, and bring the bass up from 5 to 6 (keep the mid range the same). Depending on the amp and your preferences, you can adjust the levels from there. 

The bottom line is to avoid cranking all of the nobs up to 10, where you'll lose the clean sound and any color or nuance (especially avoid this if your amp goes up to 11!). 

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