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Membership Perks at The Real School of music

[Video Lesson] Chord of the Week - Sus2 Power Stack

[Video Lesson] Chord of the Week - Minor 9 Chord

[Video Lesson] Chord of the Week - One-Finger Minor Triad

Injury Prevention for Musicians - Part 3

[Video Lesson] Chord of the Week - Dominant 7 #9

Spring Spirit Week 2019

Injury Prevention for Musicians - Part 2

Injury Prevention for Musicians - Part 1

Alumni Student Spotlight: Tom Barvick

Your Ultimate Music School Checklist - Part 2

Your Ultimate Music School Checklist (Part 1)

Student Spotlight: Juliet, Tommy + Jock Cable

RealJams Academy Band of the Week: State of Denial by Cinco Amigos

RealJams Academy Band of the Week: Victory Road by Noodle Fest

RealJams Academy Band of the Week: Dollar to Your Name by the Whole Sha Bang

[Video Lesson] Fretboard Mechanics: Finger Placement

RealJams Academy Band of the Week: Breaking the Rulez by Naughty Nostrils

Top 10 Reasons why Yamaha Music Classes Are a Great Way to Start

RealJams Academy Band of the Week: Hangry by ToFoo Fighters

Top 5 Reasons Why You're Not Taking Music Lessons

RealJams Academy Band of the Week: Learn Something by Shrink

[Video Lesson] Basic Drum Rock Groove, Lesson 3

RealJams Academy Advanced Program: Falling Back by Zero Degrees Calvin

Help! My Music Teacher Is Leaving

RealJams Academy Band of the Week: Frankie and the Handbreakers

Video Lesson: How to Tune Your Guitar

RealJams Academy Band of the Week: Sea of People by And Over

Has Your Child Lost Their Enthusiasm for Music?

RealJams Academy Band of the Week: 'Reputation' by Better Option

Can Summer Be the PERFECT Time for Music Lessons?

Video Lesson: Basic Drum Rock Groove, Part 2

Student Spotlight: Jenna Holiday

Are In-Home Music Lessons Really Your Best Option?

Real Guitar Tips: Chord Shapes + Finger Placement

Inspire + Motivate Your Child Through Performance

Video Lesson: Basic Drum Rock Groove 1 

Student Spotlight: Saxophonist Jesse Goldman

Real Guitar Tips: Bring a Natural, Relaxed Approach to Your Fretboard Hand

[Video] Is Your Child Over-Scheduled?

Student Spotlight: Pianist + Composer George Whitfield

[Video Lesson] Real Guitar Tips: Playing Melodies Over Drone Strings

[Video] Four (Hidden) Things To Look for in a Great Music Instructor

[Video Lesson] Guitar Strumming Mechanics (Part 2)

[Practice Tips Video] Plan, Play, Repeat: How to Use a Practice Journal

Student Spotlight Video: Multi-Instrumentalist Ethan Gagnon 

Special Sneak Peak: Somebody to Love, A Tribute to Queen. Faculty + Student Concert, Sat, Jan 27, 2018

Using SMART Goals for Musical Achievement

Real School's Top Ten Articles and Videos for 2017

Real School Hosts Clinic with Matthew Sallee, Currently On Tour With Pentatonix!

50 Classic Bass Riffs in 3 Minutes!

[Video] tips for enjoying and making music during the holidays

[VIDEO] How to Help Your Child With Music Lessons When You're Not a Musician

Video Lesson: Guitar Strumming Mechanics (Part 1)

Top Tips for Encouraging Fun and Productive Music Practicing

Student Spotlight Video: Singer Emily Campagna

50 Rock Keyboard Riffs in 3 Minutes

Join In On Real School's Spirit Week! Oct 16-22

[Video Lesson] Real Guitar Tips: Octave Melodies and Guide Tone Voices

Live @ The Burren: RealJams Academy Advanced 2017 Session 2

Real School Students + Faculty Shine At Andover Day 2017

50 Classic Rock Guitar Riffs in 3 Minutes

Education Video Series: Creating a Keyboard part for Greenday

[Video Lesson] Real Guitar Tips: Moving Open Chord Shapes

LIVE @ THE BURREN: RealJams Academy Advanced 2017 Session 1

Should You Take a Break From Music Lessons?

[Video] Real Guitar Tips Series: Adding Melodies to Strummed Chords

Education Video Series: How To Dial In a Clean Sound for Your Guitar Amp

[VIDEO] Why Playing In a Band Accelerates Your Musical Growth

[Video] Faculty Spotlight Series: Guitar Teacher Liam Bliven

Education Video Series: Creating a Keyboard Part for the Police

The Surprising Health Benefits of Playing Music

Education Video Series: Three Basic Keyboard Sounds for Rock Music

[VIDEO] RealJams Academy: Real School's Premier Summer Music Program

[Video] Special Interview With Real School Piano Student Zack Sahagian

[VIDEO] Real School is About So Much More Than Music Lessons

[VIDEO] Why Summer is the PERFECT Time to Take Music Lessons

Real School Student Erica Parks and the Importance of the Role of Understudy (Part 1)

Real School Announces Erik Ringstad as Director of Guitar Instruction

Real School Student and Singer Songwriter Chris Ruediger Discusses Debut Single and Future Plans

[VIDEO] Top 5 Ways to Support Your Child's Music Practicing

Real School Alumni Maddy Roop Featured As March Open Mic Artist

Music Resolutions: Making Them Stick

Extreme Weather is Extremely Bad for Musical Instruments

Real School's Top 10 Articles of 2016

5 Obscure Musicals You Should Check Out

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Beginner Musician

Faculty Spotlight Series: Managing Partner + Woodwinds Instructor Andrew Clark

Student Spotlight Series: amplifi Student Davis Raymond

Faculty Spotlight Series: Managing Partner + Guitar Instructor Nick Vecchio

Student Spotlight Series: Audrey and Megan Mendenhall

Faculty Spotlight Series: New Director of Education Heather Luhn


Student Spotlight Series: Singer Songwriter Christopher Ruediger

Building Musical Stamina

Membership Perks at Real School

Student Spotlight Series: Vocalist and Pianist Julia Colucci

Faculty Spotlight Series: Guitar Instructor Chris McKenney

Surprised By Gratitude

Student Spotlight Series: Guitarist Benjamin Reagan

Can Music Practicing Be Done in Microbursts?

Adult Student Spotlight Series: Cindy Walsh

You’re Never Too Old To Start Learning A Musical Instrument


Faculty Spotlight Series: Matthew Condon-Rivera

How To Get Your Child Started Playing Band and Orchestra Instruments (Part I)

Music Degrees - What Are My Options?


Behind the Scenes at RealJams Academy

Student Spotlight Series: Elizabeth Bond

Student Spotlight Series: Joline Maher

'Ear-cheology' - Unearthing the Past For Musical Growth

How to Find the Best Music School for Your Child

Student Spotlight Series: Ashley Koman

Why It's Never Too Late to Start Playing an Instrument

Reach 4 Real Announces New Lead Instructors and Adaptive Dance Program

5 Tools /Apps That Every Musician Should Be Using

More on the Cycle of 4ths (the Wisdom of Charlie Banacos, part 2)

Advantages of Continuing Music Lessons Over the Summer

Playing In All 12 keys: The Wisdom of Charlie Banacos (Part 1)

Why Music Is For Everyone

5 Ways to Get MORE Out of Your Child’s Music Lessons

A High Five From The Beatles

Real School Announces the 2015 Employee Awards

Everyone Can Sing. Yes, Even YOU can sing!

Meet Our Yamaha Teachers!

5 Reasons Hamilton the Musical is Worth Our Time

Andover Yamaha Instructors Shine at National Yamaha Training Seminar

Embracing (and Maybe Even Enjoying) the "Wrong” Note”

Going to College for Music: Ten Honest Things to Ask Yourself

5 Inspirational Ted Talks That Will Change How You Think About Music

Introducing: Your Weekly Playlist Fix

How Music Lessons Can Support Different Learning Styles


Musical Theater: 10 Ways To Nail Your Next Audition

Music Lessons: In-Home vs. Music School

Gaining Momentum: The Real School of Music Adds Jim Keenan as Director of Operations

Musical Activism

Music Lessons Helps Stem The "Summer Slide"

Real School Andover Welcomes Boston Music Center