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Advantages of Continuing Music Lessons Over the Summer

Jim Keenan

April 25, 2016

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It is important for students of all ages to enjoy their summer vacations. They have earned them. Continuing music lessons will only add to that enjoyment, while providing valuable continuing education in their passion – music!

Summer vacation! No school, no homework, no tests and all the friends and free time your child can handle is almost here!

Your child is probably looking forward to the stress-free environment that summer has to offer, and that is completely understandable. But while school brings with it a certain amount of pressure – music lessons should never be looked at as a major stressor. In fact, music should be viewed as the exact opposite. 

Whether your child dreams of becoming a famous rock star, performing a recital at Symphony Hall, becoming the next Demi Lovato, or just being the best musician she can be – music is a symphony of the mind, heart, and soul.

Why Continue During the Summer?

If you really stop to reflect on this past school year, you’ll begin to realize just how far your child has come in regards to their education. However, learning isn't confined within the school year or environment. Knowledge is received every moment of every day.

Cultivating a love of music and developing musical skill is also something that doesn’t end with the school year.

It stays with you wherever you go, wherever you are. And, without continued participation in lessons, practicing, and ensembles, you can lose some of the new skills achieved during the year. This is why keeping up with music lessons during the summer is so important. 

Sharpening and Sustaining SkillsLosing_musical_skills-1.png

In school, children undergo important testing, usually weekly. This testing is to ensure that they can immediately recall the information they’ve learned over the course of the past week. Quarterly testing is to ensure they have mastered lessons over the last 3 months, and so on. 

Music is no different.

In order to keep the skills sharp that they have worked so hard to master over the course of the entire school year, they must exercise their knowledge on a regular basis. It must be in constant use – being able to recall past lessons while still experiencing growth and development. And, you can make your child's summer even more fun by enrolling in one of Real School's week-long, full-day immersion programs for kids or teens.

No Pressure

Summer vacation is known for being a time of care-free fun and excitement, and we agree! Summer lessons can be more relaxed and flexible around your schedule, keeping in line with your child’s expectations of having a great summer. While the value of each lesson remains the same, the atmosphere and structure of our lessons reflect the summer “vibe”, keeping students happy and excited to come back!

Have a success story about continuing music lessons in the summer? Share your experiences below.