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50 Classic Bass Riffs in 3 Minutes!

Roger Kimball

December 14, 2017

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Why should guitar and piano players have all the fun? 

Following the hugely popular 50 Classic Rock Riffs in 3 Minutes by Erik Ringstad and Jim Zaroulis' 50 Rock Keyboard Riffs in 3 Minutes, bass instructor Roger Kimball was not to be outdone! 

Here's Roger's take on a medley of some of the best-known bass riffs over the years, from The Beatles to R&B, pop, and classic TV theme songs (who knew that so many of the best TV themes featured the bass?). 

Roger has had a fascinating performance and teaching career on cello, composition, double bass, and bass guitar. As part of the Boston music scene and beyond for more than 40 years, Roger is Real School's defacto music historian. Roger has performed with icons from Carly Simon to Brad Delp to Tiger Okoshi.

Roger is also an avid woodworker, building both furniture and the bass guitars that he plays (including the one on this video!). 

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