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Apps for Musicians

5 Tools /Apps That Every Musician Should Be Using

Jim Keenan

May 13, 2016

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There’s an app for that! There millions of apps out there that are made to help us learn a multitude of subjects and better ourselves. When it comes to mastering our music skills, there are some great apps to choose from to help you along the way. Here are some of the best apps that every musician should be using.


This app is every musician’s Holy Grail no matter what instrument they play. It features options like record, mix and play music in user-friendly steps. With this app, you can create music without even having your instrument in your hand, which is great when you can’t take it everywhere with you. Once you have created a masterpiece you can also share it with others on a number of platforms. What more do you need?

Songwriter’s Pad

Finally something to overcome the writer’s block! Songwriter’s Pad is the ultimate tool for songwriters. It has everything from rhymes, emotion-base ideas and word replacements for you to start writing lyrics. Once you are done, it also features a quick work tape for you to record your creation.

Guitar Tuna

Also known as the Guitar Tuner, this amazing app designed by Yousician Ltd. Not be mistaken for an acoustic-wielding sea creature, is a virtual tuning app that will keep your instrument perfectly tuned whenever you need. This app works great for multiple instruments including 12-string, bass and electrical guitars, ukuleles, banjos and mandolins. It also features alternate tuning settings, string-to-string tuning and an auto mode with utmost accuracy.

Metronomics Metronome

Rhythm and tempo are the most important skills to master when it comes to playing an instrument. This app will help you to keep in time, improve your listening skills and help you with your tempo and beat. It’s simple to use and great for beginners and professional musicians. 

Ear Trainer 

Great educational tool for musicians, music students, and anyone interested in improving ones musical ear. Filled with over 260 individual exercises covering intervals, chords, scales, relative pitch and melody.