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Real School Instructor Dave Reffett Plays on an International Stage!

Posted by Thomas Byrne on Mon, Oct 03, 2011 @ 04:04 PM

By Thomas Byrne

Last night I checked into Facebook to find a post by Real School instructor, Dave Reffett. Those of you who know Dave know that, despite his immense talent, blistering skills, and prominent international profile, Dave's a refreshingly modest guy. I'm not sure how Dave would feel about it, but I think of him as the Quiet Man of Metal. That's not to say that Dave is anything less than masterful at managing and promoting his own brand. I'm simply saying that, like the John Wayne character in the movie of the same name, when Dave speaks, people listen... as well they should. So, when I saw Dave's Facebook post, I naturally was interested in what he had to say.

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If you've studied with Dave, or if you've seen him perform, you've probably noticed that he plays both a Gibson Flying V, and a beautiful, hand-crafted guitar made by Esoterik. What you may not know is that Dave's Esoterik is actually the "Dave Reffett Signature Model DR-1!" As if this isn't impressive enough, upon reading Dave's Facebook post I realized he was announcing that the DR-1 was being featured in this month's Music & Sound Retailer, a famed and prolific music industry magazine.

It's not every day that a boutique guitar company asks you to design a guitar that will be marketed under your name! And it's certainly not every day the the music industry then shines a spotlight on this guitar as being one of the best high-end instruments in the world! But enough about guitars... let's talk about Dave's playing.

In the simplest of terms, Dave is a monster! He's a regular contributor to Guitar World Magazine's video blog, "Betcha Can't Play This," and he's been featured in guitar magazines from all around the world -- from Gitar Plus Magazine in Indonesia, to Hard Rocker Magazine of Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, just to name a few. In 2010, Dave released his album “The Call Of The Flames,” from his band project Shredding The Envelope. The album mixes thrash metal and hard rock with very technical and bluesy guitar playing. The release also featured performances from famous musicians George Lynch, Michael Angelo Batio, Chris Poland, Glen Drover, Joe Stump, and Mike Mangini. In 2010 Bruce Dickinson, the singer of the legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden, called the album “a must have” on his BBC radio program, "Friday Rock Show," and called Dave's guitar playing "Fantastic!" Nationally Syndicated radio show "Hard Rock Nights" named Dave’s “The Call Of The Flames” the #5 album of the year in its "Best Hard Rock of 2010" list.

Dave ReffettThe Real School of Music is truly lucky to have someone of Dave's talents and international stature as a member of our guitar faculty. And the really great news is that Dave is currently accepting new students! To schedule a FREE trial lesson with Dave, simply click here, complete the form, and be sure to write "Dave Reffett" in the box at the bottom. Or, drop us an email at info@therealschoolofmusic or call us Toll Free at 888.881.REAL (7325).


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