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Student Spotlight Series: Singer Songwriter Christopher Ruediger

It's all about learning, growing, and putting yourself out there.

With an active gigging schedule, popular Youtube channel, and a new recording of original music, singer / songwriter Chris Ruediger is busy making it happen. 

Jim Keenan

August 30, 2016

Building Musical Stamina

In my last blog about general music concepts, I wrote about using short bursts of practice in your routine as a musician. This time, we go in the opposite direction and discuss building stamina.

Andrew Clark

August 25, 2016

Membership Perks at Real School

Take your first steps through the doors at The Real School of Music, and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a different world. 

You're immediately struck by the energy of the brightly colored walls and a palpable feeling of creativity, excitement, and passion. It's an environment designed to support the growth of beginner, intermediate, and advanced musicians.

Lindsay Kelloway

August 24, 2016

Student Spotlight Series: Vocalist and Pianist Julia Colucci

Joyce Middle School (Woburn, MA) student Julia Colucci started lessons at Real School when she was just five years old and has never looked back.

Jim Keenan

August 19, 2016

Faculty Spotlight Series: Guitar Instructor Chris McKenney

"Chris McKenney consistently leads ensembles in a creative and inspiring way. Every time I listen for a minute to one of his ensembles, I'm amazed by the level of skill and musicality they express." - fellow music instructor at The Real School of Music in Burlington, MA. 

Jim Keenan

August 18, 2016

Surprised By Gratitude

Not long ago while thumbing through a copy of my old hometown paper, a glance at the obituaries told me that the music teacher who oversaw my junior high school 'Glee Club' had passed on. 

As I reflected on the months I spent in those classes, I was deeply surprised by how much of my formative musicianship came out of that experience.  

Steve Levy

August 5, 2016

Student Spotlight Series: Guitarist Benjamin Reagan

Even after 7 years of playing guitar, Walpole High School senior and Dedham Real School student Ben Reagan says that, "Not once did going to lessons feel like going to school. The best thing about it is that it was informative while also being extremely fun and easy going." 

Jim Keenan

August 4, 2016

Can Music Practicing Be Done in Microbursts?

Have you heard of high-intensity interval training? It is exercise in a flash. Do an extremely strenuous form of exercising for one minute and it can yield the benefits of as much as forty-five minutes of moderate exercise.

Andrew Clark

August 2, 2016

Adult Student Spotlight Series: Cindy Walsh

"It's a place where I can go and feel the worries of the world disappear."

As part of a vibrant Real School adult student community, health care professional and bassist Cindy Walsh knows that learning and making music with friends is good for stress reduction and overall well-being. And, it's just plain fun! 

Jim Keenan

August 1, 2016

You’re Never Too Old To Start Learning A Musical Instrument

Here is a scenario I encounter almost every week: if someone finds out that I am a professional musician, then they will tell me what instrument they used to play. If they’ve never played, they might continue on by saying what instrument they wished they could play. Then I respond with the adage “it’s never too late to start” and it is the truth.

Andrew Clark

July 27, 2016


In Part I, we discussed skillfully guiding your child to have a positive experience exploring the instruments of the beginning band and orchestra. We also explored ways to expose kids to the sights and sounds of the instruments. 

Andrew Clark

July 21, 2016

Faculty Spotlight Series: Matthew Condon-Rivera

"There is this sudden look of joy and excitement on their faces... where, as a teacher, you see how you've helped them accomplish something they may never knew they could've done." 

Jim Keenan

July 20, 2016