Real School Student and Singer Songwriter Chris Ruediger Discusses Debut Single and Future Plans

Real School student Chris Ruediger has been busy over the past few months and is making the most of his senior year. Read on to learn more about the talented singer songwriter's plans for the future. 

Lindsay Kelloway

March 27, 2017

Why It's Important to Continue with Music Lessons (And When It's OK to Take a Break)

It's common for music students to reach a point in their practice where they start to feel burned out, disillusioned, and stressed. But how do you know if you should take a break from lessons or if you should keep going? 
Jim Keenan

March 21, 2017

Why Playing In a Band Accelerates Your Musical Growth (and Happiness)

Music can sometimes feel like an isolating pursuit with the countless hours you spend practicing and attending private lessons. In order to challenge yourself to grow, have more fun, and build something bigger, eventually you'll find yourself wanting to share your enjoyment of music with kindred spirits. 

Jim Keenan

March 15, 2017

Top 5 Ways to Support Your Child's Music Practicing

It can be tricky figuring out the best ways to support your child's love of music and their need to practice their instrument at home. After all, you want to encourage them to practice regularly and continue to improve, but you don't want to put too much pressure on them, which can backfire and cause them to lose enthusiasm. 

Jim Keenan

March 8, 2017

Real School Alumni Maddy Roop Featured As March Open Mic Artist

Maddy Roop, Real School alumni and multi-instrumentalist, is the featured artist at the March 19, 2017 Open Mic in Burlington! Maddy has been with Real School for six years, taking lessons, participating in the RealJams Academy and RealJams Ensemble programs, and performing at off-site events.

Lindsay Kelloway

March 2, 2017

Congratulations to the 2016 Real School Award Recipients!

The Real School of Music names five outstanding recipients of the prestigious 2016 company awards: Rookie of the Year, Nicole Berke; Instructor of the Year,Chris McKenney and Everly McCormack; Employee of the Year, Rich Podgur; and the Founders Award, Seitu.
Jim Keenan

February 2, 2017

Music Resolutions: Making Them Stick

Ever make a New Year’s resolution only to find that you’ve completely gotten off track come spring? Well, for musicians, making music resolutions can lead to the same results. Up until last year, I found that the same tired goal-making routine was becoming more of a chore and less of an inspirational experience. 

Stephanie Morey-Barry

January 12, 2017

Extreme Weather is Extremely Bad for Musical Instruments

It's the first few days of winter in New England as I'm typing this, where late December can bring deep freezes and warm breezes all in the same week, and sometimes in the same day. As the title of this article suggests, winter is a bad time for musical instruments, including vocalists. 

Andrew Clark

January 4, 2017

Real School's Top 10 Articles of 2016

2016 was an amazing year at Real School. To celebrate the new year, we decided to look back at the most popular articles on the Real School blog - because it's one of the places we celebrate our students, instructors, and share the latest trends in music education.

Jim Keenan

December 26, 2016

5 Obscure Musicals You Should Check Out

We’ve all heard of Hamilton, Wicked, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera….  But what if you’re looking for something a bit lesser known? This list is a great start!

Stephanie Morey-Barry

December 1, 2016

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Beginner Musician

Are you looking for an affordable holiday gift for the beginner musician, but not sure where to start? Avoid the mistake of purchasing a low quality or incorrectly sized instrument that's destined to collect dust in a corner. 

Jim Keenan

November 29, 2016

Faculty Spotlight Series: Managing Partner + Woodwinds Instructor Andrew Clark

Even after having some incredible career highlights, including playing with The Beach Boys, performing and giving masterclasses in Europe, and writing for Saxophone Today, Real School instructor Andrew Clark is first and foremost a teacher with a passion for music education. 

Jim Keenan

October 27, 2016

Student Spotlight Series: amplifi Student Davis Raymond

Cotting School (Lexington, MA) student Davis Raymond has thrived in a class environment that is accessible, engaging, collaborative, supportive, and enjoyable to enhance and accelerate learner-centered education.

Heather Luhn

October 17, 2016

Faculty Spotlight Series: Managing Partner + Guitar Instructor Nick Vecchio

Running a music school has its rewards, but it can be very challenging. 

Between hiring and managing instructors, recruiting and enrolling students, maintaining the facility, and keeping a busy teaching schedule, Nick Vecchio does it all.

Jim Keenan

September 30, 2016

Student Spotlight Series: Audrey and Megan Mendenhall

What if you had two kids who, between them, have studied eight different instruments from multiple instructors over the past four years?

With this level of exploration, would you anticipate that they're flourishing or floundering in their musical development? 

Jim Keenan

September 22, 2016

Faculty Spotlight Series: New Director of Education Heather Luhn

Since joining the faculty of Real School in 2012, Heather Luhn has filled many roles. After starting as a  violin instructor, Heather moved to Director of String Instruction, Director of Yamaha Music Education, and serving on the Faculty Leadership Team, often all at the same time!

Jim Keenan

September 12, 2016


Burlington, MA (September 9, 2016) - The Real School of Music today announced the promotion of Heather Luhn to the newly created position of Director of Education. 

April Holland

September 12, 2016

Student Spotlight Series: Singer Songwriter Christopher Ruediger

It's all about learning, growing, and putting yourself out there.

With an active gigging schedule, popular Youtube channel, and a new recording of original music, singer / songwriter Chris Ruediger is busy making it happen. 

Jim Keenan

August 30, 2016


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